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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  April 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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would, vote for shaving under the shine line. it gets really itchy. right now, the results are not going my way and i have a feeling it will be a long caps playoff run. we hope so and i hope i can shave under the chin line. >> i'm going to tell dave what i tell my girls, no whining. >> much more ahead on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. good morning to you. it is thursday more than, april 15th. a live look at our nation's capital today. >> a chilly start to this thursday morning. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm tony perkins in for steve chenevey. >> and tucker is in doing the weather. >> why do you always get the beautiful days. >> you said you get the beautiful days. >> i'll tell you two what i
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tell my girls, no fighting. not a whole lot happening. >> we're forecasting highs in the mid-70s. here is a look at temperatures. 47 in washington. lots of 0s close in to town if places like damascus, up into montgomery county, off to the north and to the west. lots of 0s so you probably need a jack the here to start the day t will quickly warm up. notice off to the south and west out towards lexington and cincinnati, we are in the upper 50s and 1r0. that will be the overnight lows tonight. there is warm are air that will arrive later today and it will stick around if a couple of days. forecast is a good one. sunshine, highs in the low to mid-70s. 74 in washington. 75 in manassas after a cool start. nice afternoon. changes being maybe a shower tomorrow. we'll let you know what that will arrive in a few minutes. >> let's go to julie wright. she is in with a look at traffic. >> good morning to you all. if you are traveling around 95
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this morning, this is awe warning. it will be a slow go. northbound i-95 at the rappahannock river north of route 3, a tractor-trailer involved in a crash. not only does the tractor- trailer have a busted saddle tank so it is leaking fuel all over the highway but it is missing part of its axle. we are told by callers the axle is about 20 to 30 feet behind the truck. it will take a heavy duty wrecker to get this boy oust your way. only the left lane is able to get -- out of your way. only the left lane is able to get through. it will be there a while and it will impact that commute out of fredericksburg headed northbound into stafford. top side, outer loop, no problems reported as you travel westbound 495 in towards silver spring. if you are traveling in from the east, no problems reported on 66 eastbound continuing in towards vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. while you were sleeping, a fire on the campus of
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georgetown university sent two people to the hospital. they have critical injuries. the fire started while they were refinishing a floor. sarah similar mops is live at the scene with the latest. good more than-- sarah simmons is live at the scene with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. there were two men working overnight in an office building. they were badly burned about their face and arms when they were refinishing a hard wood floor. that is how firefighters described it to us, that this broke out this morning when they were called here to an office building on campus. they're telling us that several workers were in the building at the time but there were two men who were working on refinishing that hard wood floor. a 47-year-old man and another one described in his 20s and 30s. they were working with a machine at the time when there was a fire that broke out, a flash fire they describe it as, possibly chemicals from the wax that may have sparked that fire. we are not quite sure at this point. we do understand that there were no students in the building at the time. it was about 20 to 30 workers
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in the building at the time you but at this point, it appears as though a lot of the firefighters have taken off, wrapped things up at this point. they are telling us thert a significant amount of damage, mainly water and smoke damage at this point that do need to be cleaned up. two men who were badly burned taken today hospital with critical burn injuries. that is the latest here from georgetown university. back to you. >> thank you. we are also following breaking news from russia this morning. all u.s. adoptions of russian children have been suspended. that word coming from the russian foreign ministry in just the last half hour. that action is being taken after the saga involving this little russian boy. his adoptive mother in tennessee sent him back to russia on a plane by himself. woman says the 7-year-old boy was violent and had psychological problems. russian leaders say the adoption freeze will be in effect until the two countries can come to a new agreement on adoption procedures. now to the devastation that
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is unfolding in china. part of the country is in shambles after several strong earthquakes. more than # hundred people have been killed and officials now say more than 9000 were injured. that quick hit a mountainous tibetan region. rescuers are digging through the rubble to try to find survivors. they say schools are among the men buildings brought down by the quake. the fallout from last week's deadly mine explosion in west virginia is having ripple effects across the state. the governor has ordered all underground mines to be inspect the. set regulators will begin checking mines that have been warned about explosive risks within the last year. another big story we are following, there is fallout over beating of a university of maryland student at the hands of prince george's county police. it happened on march 3rd in college park as students took to the streets to celebrate a maryland win over duke. >> 21-year-old jack mckenna is seen on the tape walking up to
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park police on horse back and get ago taxed by at least three phil jackson -- by at -- getting attacked by at least three prince george's county police officers. many wonder why other officers did not jump in and stop it. >> the guys on the horse back should have stopped those guys. they should have said wait a minute, you are committing a money here. this kid didn't do anything. >> everything is on the table and not just what we see in the kid i don't tape. if there were other uses of force that were improper and our procedures. >> we're told police have for the released the officers' names for safety reasons. bad math has put the d.c. teachers' tentative contract in jeopardy. a bad equation led to 200-plus teachers getting pink slipped.
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the chancellor said she thought teachers made $81,000 a year but their salary is really $67,000 a year. now, there is a surplus. she planned to use it to give raises to the remaining teachers. the union called it blood money saying teachers should reject the contract. >> no one is saying keep bad teachers in the classroom. no once saying do not improve public schools. we are saying when the chancellor termnated those teachers, she made it clear it was done for budget reason and tried to put the blame on the council for having cut her budget which was totally false. >> rhee said it is unfortunate but the district must move forward. d.c. council members introduced legislation to reinstate the teachers but it is said that it faces big legal barriers. good news for prince george's county employees. county executive jack johnson
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is revising the 2011 budget and doing away with any furloughs. that, thanks to additional funding from the state. the county furloughed nearly 6,000 workers for 10 days this current fiscal year. i want to tell them, no we'll keep clinging to our constitution and our guns and religion and you can keep the change. >> that is sarah palin stirring up the crowd. those activists and the protests are headed to our area. we'll explain. more reaction from toyota following the latest setback. we'll have more.
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toyota says engineers are working to correct the stability problem on the 2010 lexus gs 460. because of rollover danger, the magazine consumer reports slapped a do not buy rating on the truck. toyota immediately stopped selling these models in the united states. toyota says it does plan to testing the safety of all of its sport utility models one more time. a 9-11 style terror plot has been uncovered in iraq. u.s. security officials say
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iraqi forces kept it from happening. they arrested two men who are allegedly part of al-qaeda in iraq. they weren't far in their planning but they did apparently plot to hijack airplanes and target crimes. michelle obama met with her mexican counterpart yesterday. this is bels obama's firefighters solo foreign trip. next month, president obama and the first lady will hold a state dinner honoring mexico's president. the tea party express tour will end here in d.c. today to coincide with the federal tax filing deadline. yesterday, thousands of tea partiers stopped in boston. the star attraction, former alaska governor sarah palin. >> i want to tell them, nah, you know, we'll keep clinging to our constitution and our guns and religion and you can keep the change because the
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voters are coming. >> that rally was staged in the same place where colonists protested taxation without representation more than 200 years ago. thousands of activists went after the obama administration for spending and health care. a comeback attempt for the former governor of maryland. up next, we'll go one on one with robert ehrlich as he eyes a return to the state house. stay with us.
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welcome back. mother nature is really messing with air travel in a very big way in parts of europe. ash clouds from an eruptding volcano in ice land is closing airports in london and england including heathrow airport. gatwick also plans to close. the video is really something. >> attorneys was saying earlier it is not just for visibility reasons but for safety reasons.
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>> apparently, the engines of airlines have a habit of shutting down when they fly through volcanic ash. they have a history of it. >> so don't be mad about the shutdowns. >> danger of the volcanic cloud that apparently sweeping across europe. not just the uk. it is now pushing into norway and sweden. >> these clouds can affect weather conditions. they have in the past. >> yes, more on that later. we'll get to the weather forecast. we are starting cool but if you hang in there, by later today, we'll be rewarded with just beautiful weather. should be sunny, bright with temperatures eventually in the middle 70s. 46 right now at reagan national. we're cool to start if pleas like gaithersburg. 37. wow, that's chilly. even martinsburg, 38. quantico is 41. chilly start to the day. once that sunshine gets the chance to warm up the atmosphere, we'll jump quickly. yesterday our high temperatures
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were in the low to mid-60s. how about mid-70s for afternoon highs. should be a nice looking day. lots of clear skies. look at that stretching from northern new england right through the carolinas out towards chicago. it is very quiet. we do have some cloud cover and a weak cold front that is north and west of chicago. that will get in here late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and present the possibility of some scattered showers, maybe a scattered thunderstorm during the day tomorrow. a little back-door cold front today. this isn't going to get in here. we'll stay sunny and mild throughout much of the day. we'll watch the cold front charge toward the region late during the day tomorrow. that is our next chance of a little bit of shower activity. sunshine returns and cooler temperatures for the weekend. both saturday and sunday look to be bright. but high temperatures will be back in the 60s. today ache beautiful one. lots of sunshine, a warm afternoon. 74 for your afternoon high. wind out of the west at five miles per hour. then overnight tonight a little warmer, 57. clear skies, mild conditions
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expected during the overnight hours. 81 tomorrow. clouds increase, could be late day showers or at night a thunderstorm and then we'll get it out of here by early saturday. saturday and most of sunday should be nice and quiet with high temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. all right. that's it for the forecast. let's get to julie wright who is getting ready to get down and get crazy with the capitals. >> all right. but first we've got to get effect to work on time. not easy to do this morning with northbound i-95 tied up at the rappahannock just north of route 3. tractor-trailer jackknifed, leaking fuel and missing an axle at this point. traffic squeezes by single file to the left. coming northbound out of fredericksburg, better bet is to stick with route 3. southbound 270 out of hyattstown, lanes are open. 66 eastbound not looking so bad right now east of fair oaks towards the beltway. we do have another traffic alert. if you take metro, can you expect long delays this
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weekend. trains will share one track on the red, blue orange and green lines. that means can you add about 40 minutes to your travel time starting tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. keep in mind, this is a big sports weekend. the nationals capitals and d.c. united are all in action. if you are heading to a game, give yourself some extra time. metro is also replacing old track components. former maryland governor robert ehrlich is ready identify comeback. he lost his re-election bid four years ago to martin o'malley. tom fitzgerald talked to ehrlich one on one about the rematch. >> thank you, guys. i preeb it very much. >> reporter: on annapolis' famed docks known as ego alley, republican robert ehrlich calls his old job humbling. >> to you miss being governor? >> sure. of course you do. it is a great job. it is humbling. it is hard. >> reporter: the hair is a little longer. the space a little tanner but ehrlich is back on the campaign trail t has been almost four
5:21 am
years now since he went from being governor to being voted out of office in favor of democratic governor martin o'malley. >> tonight, maryland moves forward again. >> reporter: but while maryland has strug told pull out of a recession during governor o'malley's watch, ehrlich says o'malley is not totally at fault. >> you have to be fair in politics. the global reserks the international recession, the turmoil is not governor o'malley's fault. >> reporter: what ehrlich does blame o'malley for is what he calls a failure to rein in spending during the 2007 legislature and raising attacks during a recession. >> we raised attacks and we most particularly raised the sales tax which is the most regressive tax you can raise. >> reporter: robert ehrlich has had a number of jobs to keep himself busy. he has been an attorney, radio
5:22 am
host and coach to his son's football team. but there is one job robert ehrlich says that he has never gotten out of his system. in the end, the former governor says it was his wife would watched him getting restless on the political sidelines who urged him to mound a comeback. >> he said you want your headaches back? you want your sleepless nights back. i said yeah, i do. >> reporter: with t stage is set for a heavy weight rematch for the governor's mansion in maryland. >> got it. >> take care. >> reporter: in annapolis, tom first gerald, fox 5 news. >> the current governor, martin o'malley, has also been busy. he is touting a new law helping home owners facing foreclosure and a new state budget that includes a quarter of a billion dollars to build schools. stay with us. still ahead, kids are vague ball in one local school, literally. -- are having a ball in one local school, literally.
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>> what does this have to do with learning? we'll let the kids tell you, coming up.
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here is a question for you. how do you stop children from fidgeting in class. an anne arundel county school has come up with a unique way to help these children. >> and the kids are having a ball in class, literally. fox 5's beth parker shows us. >> so when you guys are working
5:26 am
on your sentences -- >> reporter: look closely. these fourth graders are bouncing. it started when josh williams came to the school a previous teacher suggested he sit on a yeg aball during class because he just needed to move. >> i would get up, blow my nose, get a drink or something and come right back. >> now, third, fourth, and fifth graders at central elementary in edgewater are sitting on the ball ifeel like i started something that everyone else like so much that they wanted to do it too and it feels so good. >> the kids are not required to sit on the yoga balls. some of the students are still using chairs. it is really up to them. and educators will tell that you kids love choices. >> would you like broccoli or peas for dinner? that is a tough choice. but this one is easy. >> reporter: nine-year-old helen dover chose both joosmght i'll sit on the chair in tests
5:27 am
or what i'm not in the mood to sit up exactly. >> i like the chair because on a ball, it make me wants to bounce and bounce an bounce and there is nothing to lean back on. >> it is hard because you have a short recess, short amount of gym and that is only two days a week and then you just are sitting there for the rest of the day. >> reporter: over the years, the 0-minute recess has been slashed to 15. >> it is okay. because if there wasn't any school, you wouldn't be smart at all. >> reporter: the teachers have noticed a change. >> there are some boys that can i kind of see they think and they bounce a minute and you see they would writing. those are the same kids that you would have to walk by normally and say come o let's go. >> children today learn differently. they have ear phones, in the tv is on. the phone is ringing. they are doing their homework, texting friends. they can multitask better than the majority of adults. >> reporter: the old rules still apply. if you don't behave, your privileges are taken away. in other words, the ball gets
5:28 am
bounced. >> i don't know. it is unique. that is for sure. >> there actually is some research that shows that yoga balls improve concentration. they can also improve posture and abdominal muscles. still plenty head on fox 5 morning news. we'll get latest weather, traffic and all your top stories. breaking news from russia. we'll have that for you as well. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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it is tax day. uncle sam will get his, i suppose one way or the other. >> he is going to need it. he's in debt. >> so are we. >> and so are we. >> there is only so much we can do. >> that is the story for another day. or another time. now, let's talk about something more pleasant and that is the weather. >> it will be beautiful. temperatures will be back in the middle 70s. if you are headed to the bus stop, you need a jacket here. temperatures are cool. clear skies but chilly out there. mid-40s in town. just outside the beltway, we have 30s lurking not too far off to the north and west. there are some cool temperatures. 46 at reagan national. 4 # at dulles. 43, bwi marshall and places like damascus are are in the 30s at this hour. -- 43 at dulles.
5:32 am
a lot of clear skies. get that quiet weather all around. we are not expecting anything more than a few passing clouds today. should be a bright sunny day and very pleasant this afternoon. plenty of sunshine, beautiful day, 74 for your afternoon high. once the sun gets a chance to get up in the atmosphere, we'll warm up quickly. some showers annual have -- and we'll have a look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> julie wright is with us with a look at early morning traffic. >> northbound i-95 is where we're starting off this morning. wave got major tie-ups headed northbound near route 3. the problem ahead of you at the rappahannock river. it will take a while before we can clear this out of your way. southbound 270 in the clear, no problems to report out of
5:33 am
hyattstown. if you are traveling northbound on 95 out of newington and springfield you guys are still at speed head up towards 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a fire sends two people to the hospital at georgetown university. the fire started at a building on campus in the 3700 block of o street as two workers refinished a wood floor. somehow, a flash fire broke out. the works have critical injuries and there is lots of smoke and water damage in the building. we are also following breaking news from russia this morning. all u.s. adoptions of russian children have been suspended. that word coming from the russian foreign ministry just in the last half hour. that action is being taken after the saga unfolded about this little russian boy. his adoptive mother in tennessee sent him back to russia on a plane by himself. the woman says the 7-year-old was violent and had psychological problems. russian leaders say the adoption freeze will be in effect until the two countries can come to a new agreement on adoption procedures.
5:34 am
now to the devastation unfolding in china. part of that country is in shambles. officials say at least 66 students and 10 teachers were among the # hundred people killed in several strong earthquakes. -- among the # hundred people killed in several strong earthquakes. -- among the 600 people killed in several strong earthquakes. officials say about 85% of the building in that area were destroyed and hospitals are overwhelmed and unable to provide basic supplies. officials in west virginia are trying to prevent another tragedy following the deadly mine explosion some montcoal. the governor ordered all underground mines to be inspected. officials believe meth anticipate gas played a role in the explosion last week. set regulators will begin check mines that have repeat thely been warned about explosive risks in the last year. -- officials believe methane
5:35 am
gas played a role in the explosion last week. there was awe celebration in college park last month when students took to the streets following a maryland win over duke. >> that is when 21-year-old jack mckenna was badly beaten by at least three prince george's county police in riot gear. the whole thing was caught on tape. two officers have been suspended. more could follow. we know one of them is sergeant sean mcalevey. the name of another officer is being kept under wraps. >> we're being very deliberate as we move forward. we understand there is a lot of community concern about this case an we are being as open as possible but understand we've also received threat penning and en -- threatening and hostile phone calls from across the country. >> police initially claimed mckenna attacked a pair of mounted police officers but the charges against him were dropped once the video surfaced. now to a math problem dividing d.c. schools actually
5:36 am
tentative contract that took three years to reach is now in jeopardy. chancellor michelle rhee said a budget deficit led to 200-plus teachers losing their jobs but that is because she used the wrong figures in calculating their salaries. the teachers made $14,000 less than she shot so schools ended up with a sur-- than she thought so schools ended up with a surplus. >> the responsibility lies with the chief financial officer. we've had different mayors, different systems of government but we've had one chief financial officer. >> they say the surplus should go toward merit pay raises for high performing teachers. prince george's county police are investigating a disturbing discovery. there was a body of a man found floating in the anacostia. authorities say the victim
5:37 am
appears to be in his 20s. police are investigating. a d.c. jury has acquited a map in the murder of a young woman. she was shot and killed back in 2008 while sitting outside her northeast apartment eating a burger. according to court documents, terrence jones asked stanton for a hamburger. when she refused, jones returned with a gun and shot her. jones' lawyer argued that the police arrested the wrong man. the jury aquitted him on all counts. the man the people elected wasn't even living. up next, we'll tell you how this happened. and a local artist is lending a few helping hands to get d.c. voting rights. stay with us. we'll have that story when we come back.
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and the dow is coming offer a triple point advance. it gained nearly 104 points. the knack was up 39 after the federal reserve beige book was released. it indicates firms remain cautious about hiring. the introduction kay was up nearly 69. we'll be right back -- the nikkei was up nearly 69. we'll be right back. h ntis it
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toyota plans to test the safety of all its port utility models. this came as consumer reports warned that 2010 lexus gs 406 has possible roll overproblems. the magazine issued a rare warning not to buy the truck. toyota has temporarily stopped selling it in north america. some of nasa's biggest names are criticizing the new white house plan for space travel. today, we'll learn more about those plans as president obama make awe detailed announcement. instead of flying new rockets to the moon, the president wants to rely on more private companies to fly into space ore the next few years while dropping a big new government rocketship. several former astronauts including neil armstrong and dozens of his fellow nasa veterans don't approve of this plan. they have written a letter to the president calling his idea, quoting a misguided proposal. >> there have been many including buzz aldrin would believe that what the president
5:42 am
will outline represents our best opportunity and our best efforts to get this agency an program back on pace to put astronauts and rockets into space. >> nasa administrator charles bold p says he supports the president's plan calling it, quote, dynamic and bold. the town of tracy city, tennessee has elect a new mayor. the problem is the winner is dead. carl greery died suddenly a few weeks ago but he received # 68 votes in yesterday's election. incumbent only got 85 votes. the election board isn't sure why he got so many votes. the city council will now have to appointed a mayor. >> maybe it was more about the person he was running against. >> that is what i suspect. >> before we have much more ahead including a creative push to get d.c. voting rights. wisdom. >> this is trying to give d.c. a hand when it comes to voting
5:43 am
rights. i'm wisdom martin. i'll have the details coming up.
5:44 am
5:45 am
effort businesses celebrating the end of tax
5:46 am
season today. they are offering freebies and discounts to help you feel a little bit better. can you get a few of the details on on the money page. you have until midnight tonight to get those tax forms to the post office. >> it would make me feel better if they paid my attacks. >> no kidding. i know. this year, i'm feeling it especially hard. >> i'm asorry to hear that. >> that's okay. >> if you are headed to the post office at this point, it should be beautiful weather. it will be very quiet. >> you know, interesting thing is traditionally, news outlet stations, we used to do the story every year, look at the lines at the post office. you don't have them because people e-file. >> if you are getting a refund, you get it back faster. >> i'll be going to the post office. >> you just like to. you are old-fashioned. you like to do that. >> yes. >> if you are headed to the post office or if you want to do it electronically from your outdoor facility while you sit
5:47 am
on your porch enjoying the bright sunny day, trying to tie the weather into this whole tax had been paying thing. what a beautiful day we are expecting. 70s return. we'll have more on that in a moment with julie wright. showers or a storm friday. i think most of friday should be fine but late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night, we'll have a cold front come through and that can spark off a couple of light showers, maybe a thunderstorm. back to the 60s as far as temperatures go. we should have alet of sunshine as as far as saturday afternoon and sunday. you want a jacket here as you head out the door. it is chilly in spots. most the areas in the low 40s. look at manassas. you are 37. culpeper, you are 37. martinsburg, 38. frederick, 39. lots of cool air. annapolis, one of the warmer spots. 47. closer to the water. so plenty of cool air to start the day. it will be a chilly start here. once the sun gets up and with the flow out of the south,
5:48 am
we'll warm up very quickly. look how warm it is from northern new england and down to the carolinas. we are looking at clear skies. the next day and a half should be nice. there is a cold front. see the light green out towards chicago. that is a cold front that will get in here late in the day tomorrow and could spark off a couple of showers and will bring us cooler air for the start of the weekend. today, beautiful. lots of sunshine. 74 for your afternoon high. wind out of the west at five miles per hour. tonight, 57 in town. i think low to mid-50s for most of us. should be a little bit warmer during the overnight tonight if you are headed out. no rain expected until late in the day tomorrow. clouds will increase with the cold front and cooler behind the fronted. highs on saturday and most of the saturday should be dry -- cooler behind the front. let's get to julie wright with the latest on the traffic. >> let's start off in montgomery county where on the inner loop of the beltway, accident activity here. you you need to stay for the far left to get through.
5:49 am
delays are starting to build from the american legion bridge headed in towards montgomery county. we have a jackknifed tractor- trailer leaking fuel. traffic squeezing by single file to the left. big delays forming before route 3. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. if a d.c. artist has his way, you will see these sculptures popping up around the city. we are talking 100 hands and one message. give me a vote. the artist is trying to draw awareness to the district's lack of voting rights. wisdom martin caught one the man behind the hands. artist peter krisko came to d.c. and he was excited because their government was different. >> there were voting rights but you didn't have the choice to vote.
5:50 am
>> reporter: he was stunned when he found out people in the district could not vote. >> i don't understand why there is the capital of this country and people are not allowed to vote. >> reporter: now, through his artwork, he plans to give the district a hand. 100 skull ared fiberglass hands in three different sizes will soon be seen all over the city. >> and hopefully, it will turn into something that will lead to voting rights in d.c. rotor hands are part of a campaign called give me a vote thing arm represents hope and a chance for people in d.c. to participate in the political process. >> these particular hands are made out of insulation foam and they are carved with a chain saw and regular knives and they are just covered with durable coatings like plaster and epoxy and painted. rotor sculptures will start showing up next week and it is perfect timing. congressional leaders plan to revive the d.c. voting rights bill on the house floor as early as next week. >> i think we got to be very
5:51 am
optimistic about the cause. i don't think any cause is lost cause as long as people really believe in it and they fight for it for the right reasons. reporting in southeast, wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> tonight is the night. playoff hockey at verizon center coming up next. the caps are ready for montreal. is dave ross ready for grow that playoff beard? is nats pitching prospect stephen strasburg ready to join the big club in sports breakfast is coming up.
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i'm a fashion stylist. my secret? t.j.maxx. they buy directly from designers and you see the savings! i dress fashionistas. but i'm a maxxinista.
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dave ross here with your ports breakfast. tonight when the puck drops at the verizon center, the second season will officially be under way but until that time, go to, click on the sports tab and vote for the appropriate playoff beard shaving options and please vote for shaving under the chin line. can you beg for a vote in politicians do it all the time but i digress. the caps are the one seed and montreal the eighth. they did split the regular season series, each team wiping twice. each team won once on the other team's ice. the caps and the coach are taking nothing for granted. >> i'm sure they've got loads of confidence against us so i mean it is hard if me to sit here and take the underdog role
5:55 am
because of what has happened but we're very well ware of how good montreal is and we're very aware of the tradition and in montreal and how they're going to come out and what they're going to play like. baseball now, nats in philadelphia in an absolute wild one. very first inning, adam kennedy, that one goss he go to the deck. one will score. two runs will score. three runs will score. the nats scored six time in the first two innings and trailed. that is because the phillies just poured it on. already up 10-7 in the seventh, same exact situation as kennedy and he does the same exact thing. the phillies unload on the nats 14-7 but help may be on the way in the form of stephen strasburg. we caught up with him last night and asked when does he expect to join the big league team and how was his first outing last sunday. >> i thought i pitched pretty well. there is always room for
5:56 am
improvement. they have me here to develop. there are thins i'm going to work on and hopefully do a little bit better on. i'm not going to place a timetable for myself. i know i have stuff a want to work on. when the time is ready and they feel the time is ready, i'll go up there and hopefully help the team win some ball games. >> last night was the last game of the season for the wizards. really, nothing more to add other than thank goodness. it may haven't last game for the wizards but it was a good one. trailed bay bias many as 14 in the second half with the pacers -- trailed by as many as 14 in the second half with the pacers. granger, this is going to go in, the wizards are going to lose, right? wrong. it rims out and the wizards somehow, some way end the season on a good note. they beat indiana 98-97. >> every time something ends, there is something that begins. for us, it's beginning. the decision was made two months ago and i think where
5:57 am
we're at right now to where we thought we might be when that decision was made is we're with a ahead. a reminder please vote. you have until 7:00 p.m., click on the sports tab. i am not encouraging voter fraud but if you would, vote for shaving under the chin line. it gets really itchy. right now, the results are not going my way and i have a feeling it will a long caps playoff run. we hope so and i hope that i can shave under the chin line. see you tomorrow. >> see you then, dave. thank you. straight ahead, we are following developing news overseas. a volcano is grounding flights in northern europe and the volcano sparking even more trouble. we'll get an update. >> we'll get your morning commute and weather. stay with us. fox 5 morning news comes back at 6:00 some two minutes. -- in twominutes.
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